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Manufactures animal canvases covered in glitter (DIY)

These exciting animals covered in glitter will attract your baby's attention and you can make them yourself in less time than you think.

Manufactures animal canvases covered in glitter (DIY)

The glitter is great. You can take anything monotonous and turn it into something fabulous in a very short time. This idea that I bring to you today is a wonderful example of what I am talking about.

When I saw it, it seemed providential, because I had a few plastic animals in a box. You can also use figures made of other materials, as long as they are light enough for the canvases to support.

The canvases can be made to measure and the number of animals you have available. When the baby grows up, I will use that wall to teach them the sounds of animals! By the way, what is the sound that a butterfly makes?

Materials and tools

Several small canvases.
Acrylic paintings for the canvases.
White tail of crafts.
Glitter of various colors.
Spray for hair or transparent enamel.
Silicone resistant adhesive.


First paint your canvases. I recommend using very bright colors that contrast with the colors of the glitter.
To cover the glitter animals, first choose the side you will show.
With a brush, completely cover the figure with glue and, on a paper, carefully apply the glitter, especially on the visible side. Let it dry for a few hours and then remove the excess.
Once dry and ready, cover them with hair spray or clear polish to keep the glitter in place.
Use the silicone-based adhesive to place them on their respective canvases. And ready! You only have to hang them in the little one's room.

For other ideas with animals and glitter look at these dinosaurs made with paper plates.

You can find more information in paperyandcakery