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Make this Baby Bird for the birth of the baby (DIY)

The birth of a baby is a blessing. Announce the arrival of the new member with this wonderful Baby Bird, with which you will captivate family and friends.

Make this Baby Bird for the birth of the baby (DIY)

The arrival of a new member to the family is a blessing that must be shared with the closest family and friends. Let everyone know the great news with a cute baby bird.

When the baby is born, you can include the baby bird in the decoration of your room.

Materials and tools

To develop the baby bird you need the materials below:

Wooden clothespins.
Clipping paper.


Take cut paper and cut out an oval that simulates an egg. Make a zigzag cut in between. It should not be perfect, since it will simulate that the egg has just broken.
Take another paper and cut out a small circle with which you will create the baby's head.
With polka dot paper, cut and paste a small hat for the baby. Draw the details of the face, like numb eyes.
Also cut out a small oval that works as a pacifier and stick it to your face.
Take the eggshell, and at the top write a welcome phrase. For example: 'Our little one' or 'We are waiting for you'.
In the bottom of the egg shell, write the date of birth.
Take the baby's head, put some glue on the lower part of the face and stick it on the lower part of the forceps.
Turn the clamp over and stick the two halves of the shell in such a way that when the clamp is closed, both halves are joined, and when you open the clamp, you can see the baby's head sleeping.

You can find more information in smartyhadaparty