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Perfect folding baby crib for travel

Traveling with babies has never been so uncaring, with this compact and foldable crib.

Perfect folding baby crib for travel

Buy your baby crib for trips!

You are probably planning a family trip, but you still do not determine how to take your baby's huge crib home with you in your car. Do not worry! There is a folding baby crib, perfect for moving from one place to another without problems.
You can take your baby's crib to the park, the beach or when you go for a family visit. This cradle for travel weighs only 8.7 kilograms, so you can easily load it to the car. It also does not occupy as much space as you imagine, it is a very compact cradle, its dimensions are: 20 x 20 x 76 cm, so it is perfect in the trunk of your car, without limiting you to bring more things to your trip.
If at any time you tried to disassemble the crib that you bought your baby when he was born and it was very complicated, then we recommend that you purchase the baby crib for trips with which traveling on vacation with your baby will no longer be a problem but to add to the list.
Are you worried about the comfort of your baby?
This folding crib is made of materials that in addition to being compact, give your baby a great comfort, you can see them sleeping perfectly as little angels.
Another advantage that can be added to this product is safety. Since its manufacture is mainly thought about the prevention and care of your baby.
So you can rest easy, your baby will be comfortable, happy and safe with this folding baby crib.