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Door barrier to keep babies safe

The safety of babies is very important, door barrier made of metal, white color, easy installation and visual indicator.
If you need to do many things at home and your baby is restless, we know how dangerous it can be to go from one place to another while you do your household chores. In those cases you can use a door barrier so you can keep your baby isolated from places in the house where it should not be.
Door barrier to keep babies safe
You can have a lot of security and confidence by having your baby separated from places like the kitchen, where it is very dangerous to surround it. This baby protection door barrier fits perfectly to the door and does not allow the baby to leave the place.
You can leave your child in his room, while you see him through the door. He will be happy to see you and you will be calm that he is safe. The door barrier is made of metal, and has a perfect fit to the space of the door, it should only be adjusted so that it is molded perfectly.
A 100% safe door barrier
The metal door barrier has a pressure and adjustment system and the Secure Tech visual indicator, which assures you when the barrier is properly positioned and can begin to be used. However, its double locking system keeps your baby safe, since no push can open the barrier.
This product is recommended to be used for the safety of babies between 6 months and 2 years old. In the same way it must be installed by an adult.