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Double blackboard practice for children with built-in paper roll

Allow your child to develop their writing skills with this double chalk board and erasable marker. Includes a roll of paper to draw.

Double blackboard practice for children with built-in paper roll
Do your children like to play the teacher and have control of the blackboard? With this double blackboard for children, you will keep your children distracted for hours, in addition to learning to lose fear of interventions in class.
This double blackboard for children is very practical, since on one side of the blackboard you can write with chalk, while on the other side you can use erasable markers, allowing two children to play simultaneously on it.
It also includes a roll of paper, in case the child does not want to write on the surfaces of the blackboard, but has only the disposition to draw. It has an easel structure that allows it to fold and store easily.
Additional aspects of the double blackboard
The blackboard with roll of paper is constructed of resistant material, which makes it possible for it to be used even after your children grow up; This article can be used for multiple purposes.
Of course, in order to guarantee the durability of this board, it is necessary to give it the cleanliness and care it requires, in addition to raising awareness among the children so that they can take care of it.
How to acquire the double blackboard for children?
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Request this practice double blackboard for children with built-in paper roll, and provide hours of healthy distraction to the little ones.