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Blanket for baby made in crochet for babies

Beautiful blanket elaborated in crochet, so that your baby feels warm and protected in those moments in which it makes low temperature.

Blanket for baby made in crochet for babies

Choosing a gift for a baby is not always so easy, because there are so many beautiful things to give as gifts, and they are very useful, as in the case of baby clothes, toys that allow a healthy development of the senses, baby bottles, and many other accessories.

But if you want to give this baby a gift that will really use constantly and which will feel very safe and well cared for, do not hesitate to consider a crocheted item, such as blankets.

A gift as made by the grandmother

It is a beautiful blanket for baby made in crochet, which combines modern designs with the tradition of the grandmother. These are very soft and pleasant to the touch blankets, which will provide the heat your baby needs.

The measures of this tender blanket is 26 inches long by 26 inches wide, and is the ideal dimension that will allow you to wrap your little one in all your love, through this blanket.

And since it is a durable product, you can include it in the decoration of this tent in the shape of an Indian tipi.

Why should you buy the blanket?

The material of this blanket is the acrylic yarn in different colors: silver, gray, white, combined with colors as bright as yellow, blue and green.

Remember that the product is made by hand, so the elaboration of it is done on request. Get this beautiful crochet baby blanket through the Etsy site of Little Mango Shop.

You can find more information in etsy