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Bow of rainbow trolley for babies brand Taf Toys

With this rainbow cart bow, your babies are entertained while sharpening their senses. Made of polyester and adjustable to all types of carts.
Babies are excited by every discovery they make in their environment, whether it's a new sensation, sound or image. But when the children are in trolleys or baby carriers, they will need an appliance that keeps them distracted.
That's why we offer you this beautiful arch of rainbow cart for babies brand Taf Toys. This trolley arch is made of friendly materials and attractive colors so that the baby stays entertained.
This baby bow acts in a similar way to the mobiles that are placed in the cradle, with the difference that children can touch the elements that compose it.
Bow of rainbow trolley for babies brand Taf Toys
What is this arch for trolleys?
Elarco multicolor is composed of a bird, a cloud and a tree with bells and rattles, where each element has a happy expression, shapes with colorful sounds and colors, to make babies happier.
Made of hypoallergenic polyester, this colorful bow makes possible a better development of the baby's senses. They are toys soft to the touch, and manufactured to withstand the ravages of time and rough treatment.
How to get the multicolored bow
Taf Toys is once again pleased to provide parents with all the toys and accessories that your babies need. Visit their respective site on Amazon and be amazed with the articles available in this virtual store.
Allow your child to enjoy this colorful experience, and acquire this wonderful rainbow baby cart bow brand Taf Toys. Fun days for your baby are just beginning!
Comprar el arco de carrito arcoíris para bebés

Comprar el arco de carrito arcoíris para bebés