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Dress up your lion baby!

If you still do not take the first picture of your baby since birth, because you want something original and that causes a lot of tenderness, then how about a costume? The best choice you can have is to disguise your little one or small, you can choose between a panda a turtle, a rabbit, a bee or a lion like this you can see here.Dress up your lion baby!
These kinds of costumes are ideal to take your baby to a photo shoot You'll love it! Well it will not be those little original photos that are normally taken from a baby, we know that when your son or daughter grows up he will have a lot of fun watching his first photographs.
And if you worry a lot about the material of these disguises because you think they could mistreat the baby's skin! Each is not perfectly designed with a delicate material that will not cause any harm to your baby.
But that is not all, with this type of disguise your baby can show off in spring, summer or winter seasons as its design is very comfortable and ideal for any season.
You can choose the costume that you like best, take into account that the size is standard and the costume is unisex, so no matter the sex of your baby, just as it is made for use by newborn children, remember to be is about his first photo, which must be stylish and very funny.