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Belly growing? Get your shirt

If your belly is growing and clothing has stopped staying, then you will like this fantastic idea that is available on OhOhBlog. You only need to have an iron, cloth paint, freezer paper, scissors, newspaper and of course the T-shirt and imagination It's very easy!

Belly growing? Get your shirt

You may just find out you're going to be a mother. Congratulations! It is a very beautiful and blessed stage of life, but ... it turns out that little by little the belly is growing and product of it the shirts are getting very small, and that certainly becomes a problem, like every pregnant woman that causes you stress and you want to run to the store to buy new clothes, but instead we have a good idea.

You are pregnant so you must calm down, you should avoid at all costs to think that any small problem means the end of the world. With this idea you only have to find a template that you like best, it can be the figure of an animal, some flower, in short the design that you like. Then place the cloth with the freezer paper to draw and then cut. When you see that the design is perfect you can arrange to give it color with the cloth paint.

Already have the design painted? All right! Now you can begin to give details, remember that the color in clothes is very significant in a pregnant woman. Now you have your original T-shirt! We know you look beautiful but you should expect the paint to dry very well before using it.