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Learn to make this beautiful pacifier bra

It is not the first time that you are afflicted because your baby loses the pacifier, and you have to clean it repeatedly, especially if you are meticulous with your health.
That's why we'll teach you how to make a nice pacifier bra similar to A bit of sunshine, from which you can make boy or girl variants.
Learn to make this beautiful pacifier bra
The implements you need
Purchase school stag, and if you do not know crochet ask a friend to weave for you a chain of 60 centimeters and a flower of another color.
Also make some pacifier clips and an additional detail like a lined button.
Attach the ends of the chain into a knot and anchor them to the lug of the pacifier clip. You can secure with needle and thread. Now sew the woven flower and then the lined button.
We are already seeing good face to our project! You will know that pacifiers have a ring to hook them, and our project is suitable for this.
Joining our bra to the pacifier ...
The bra strap is double, so the next step is to pass that double end through the lollipop of the pacifier, leaving a kind of ear.
Then pass the end of the clip with the flower through the center of that ear, and so we complete our bra.
Now you just have to place the clip on the front of your baby's clothes, without worrying that the pacifier will fill with germs and dirt.