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DIY Give your children wings!

Having the idea of ​​taking on our own hands making a DIY suit for our children is something that is undoubtedly becoming easier with the great advice of decorators and mothers who over the years have taken new experiences and have them wanted to put on a blog to present to us in order that we have that initiative to create with our own hands an ecological detail for our children, taking into account the instructions they leave us to facilitate the work to such an extent that only cut and sew.

DIY Give your children wings!

In the web of Handmadecharlotte you will be able to find a creation of DIY that offers us Eri that is titled like "I arrive the winter" and where it is shown to its small daughter Emma wearing bird's wings created from cuts of assembled fabrics and which can either be glued or sewn to obtain the shape.

Eri gives a pattern of the wings model so that we can create it for our children, she explains that it is not a difficult job but it must be very patience when cutting the pieces of cloth. The pattern I provide indicates that it can be used by a child from 18 months to 36 and that without any problem creating the DIY wings is much easier if you follow the pattern to the letter.

With great dedication we can create a very beautiful work for the little ones of the house and I am sure that they will enjoy it like never before, for a mother is never ready for our children to raise the flight but do not worry, with this beautiful creation no we will have problems until a few years, let us enjoy its beautiful stage.