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Learn to make this simple friendship bracelet

Have you noticed the vendors selling their crafts on the beach? Necklaces, earrings and of course, friendship bracelets.

Here's a simple way to do them, just as Michelle Ann Made says, so you can share these techniques with your kids and their friends. Do you dare to learn?

Learn to make this simple friendship bracelet

What do you need for your friendship bracelets?

Look for a piece of cardboard, colored embroidery threads, scissors, ruler, pencil and a cup.

Place the cup on the carton and draw a round shape with the pencil. Locate the ruler on the circle and draw 4 lines so that you divide it into 8 equal parts.

Cut out the circle just like its divisions, but only halfway, from the ends to the center. Make a hole in the center of the circumference.

Let's weave the bracelet ...

Cut 7 strands of yarn about 50 centimeters long, and tie the strands together in one knot at one end. Thread the strands through the hole in the carton circle, hooking each strand into each slit of the circle.

You will notice that a slit is left without thread. Now place the empty slit in front and list the first 3 strands clockwise, hooking the third strand into the empty slit.

Then position the gap that was empty repeating the same movement until the fabric is ready. These cute bracelets are great for birthday or other memorabilia.