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Spot painting on rocks. To have fun and to decorate

Point painting is a very simple technique that you have surely wanted to try for a long time, and is that it is wonderful, colorful and fun for the little ones of the house.
This is a perfect activity for you to share with your son or daughter a pleasant moment and teach him crafts. This painting technique proposed at twitchetts is very easy, you only need: rocks, paint, pencils, pencil sharpener, wet towel, color palette and spray.
Spot painting on rocks. To have fun and to decorate
Select rocks of the form you like most and begin to draw what you want using the technique of drawing, draw with your children points that form flowers, roses, hearts and so on. The truth is that it is very fun and in the end you get an object to decorate. Those rocks made by you and your children will look fantastic in the garden or on the terrace of your house.
Sharpen the eraser side of the pencil to create the dots, choose the paint you want to use and start to make the shapes you want. You can even use different colors for the same rock, your children will love how colorful a simple rock will look.
You know how good it is to encourage your children to do these kinds of techniques, this will help them develop their skills, to shake their mind and of course to learn to share with their mother, who is you.
What are you waiting? Take the tools and start at once to paint points on rocks.