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DIY Build a Magic Slate!

When we are mothers we know that keeping our little ones entertained can be a big problem and more when they feel tempted to be the artists of our whole home, making sure that the color of the walls is changed much sooner than planned and that their creations manage to adorn the corners of our home, right? The small artists need an implement where they can capture their creations without having to paint the walls again.
DIY Build a Magic Slate!
At forealslife there is a beautiful project where you can put your hand skills into practice and be able to give your child a canvas where he can paint whenever he pleases and the best of all this is that it does not pose any danger to the thanks to the materials that we will use. Basically what is done in this magic painting is to paint on it, it has a special paper where it can be painted with water, a beautiful and magical design will appear, then it will fade away little by little.
Our baby can paint anywhere without us having to worry because the real paint stains the walls, we will be moms of crafts in creating this creation for our son and is that the truth is a project very easy to create and indeed, quite cheap.
The procedure to do it is quite simple and practical for us and of course, so our little one can handle without any problem. You should keep in mind that you will need some materials like an old painting, the brushstroke paper that would be the most important thing in the project, glue and spray paint (this is only optional)
When we begin the procedure, we will only take the picture from the back and we will stick the tracing paper by continuing, we will put the cardboard frame to the rear so that the paper stays fixed. If we want to color it, we can bath it with aerosol only if you prefer. When all this is finished and both ends are glued, wait for the secse to strike and Voila! We will have the frame of our little one.