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Custom romper pajamas with arrows design

Using the stencil technique this Mamluk pajama becomes a personalized gift that will be very difficult to forget, and without any doubt unique.

Custom romper pajamas with arrows design

As soon as my best friend told me she was pregnant, I knew I wanted to make a custom romper for her baby. It's one of those projects I did not have time to do for my little one and that would combine perfect with this sleeping bag in the shape of a fish.

As I still do not know if it will be a boy or a girl, I looked for a project that would serve both. So I bought a white jumpsuit and decided on a practical and simple pattern of black arrows with a bit of my favorite color.

Before starting, a warning; the white cotton fabric and the dark fabric paintings are rivals that are only collaborating thanks to our skill and creativity. Be very careful with stains, because you will not be able to erase them!

You will need to
Acrylic paint for fabric of the desired colors
Several sheets of opaque cardboard
Sponge brush
Clothes iron
Scissors, Pencil and Cutter
Cut several cardboard boxes for the stencils. Use the pencils to mark the design and the cutter to remove the material.
Iron the front of the romper until the fabric is without folds or wrinkles.
Place cardboard inside the romper to prevent the paint from penetrating.
Deposit some paint on a firm and smooth surface. Moisten the tip of the sponge brush and remove excess paint.
Hold the stencil on the desired area with one hand, while with the other you slide the brush firmly in one direction.
Carefully lift the stencil. Use only one stencil per color and per design.

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