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How to achieve a different door for the baby's room

In the expectation of the baby we become anxious with his arrival, we want that his whole room is perfect, that we lack nothing. We choose the color and from there we start with the decoration, but there are elements that are always forgotten, but that will give you a twist as you would achieve a different door.
How to achieve a different door for the baby's room
The door of the baby room is the entrance, so we should also pay attention to the importance it has and recreate the same personality that we give the room in it, as does i spydiy.
A fairly simple alternative that this 2017 has taken a lot is decoration with decorative tape or washing tape, because it allows you to make different designs with it and has a huge variety of both prints or colors.
To create a different door we must first be clear that prints that combinations stand out with the decoration of the baby's room.
When buying the necessary tapes, the first thing to do is to make a sketch in pencil and a ruler or template of the figure that we want to form on the door.
Do not limit yourself with the tape, with it you can recreate geometric designs, the baby's name, you can play with the colors to give it more dynamism as the details of color on the edge of the lock.
This different door will give a fresh and tender air to the entrance of the room of your little one that is soon to arrive or that is already in the house.