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Do you dare to make this simple photo frame?

When we have babies we want to be able to record every step or skill they learn, the closest we can keep them are the photographs and the least important detail is the photographic frame where we will locate our memories.
A common custom is the photo of our baby's birthday, to see the progress and physical changes that are taking place over time or his first birthday.
In designsponge nos show a beautiful and easy way of framing our most special photographs on the walls of our home.
Do you dare to make this simple photo frame?
There are homes where we are not allowed to hang objects that have nails, because it is forbidden to drill holes in the walls.
If we present a similar situation, this option to make a photo frame will be our best ally to hang the photos of our babies, in addition to how simple it is to do it.
The first thing to do is choose the photographs that we are going to frame, so choose the wall that has the dimensions where all the photos that we want to place.
Then we must buy decorative tape or washing tape of the colors or figures that we like, we can find in some store that sell accessories for crafts and finally a scissors to cut the tape.
We proceed to paste the photograph on the wall with double-sided adhesive tape, then begin to make the frame with the decorative tape, we can leave a reasonable distance between the photograph and the frame.
This photo frame allows us to make different geometric shapes, so you just have to let your creativity fly.