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Decoration ideas for a memorable babyshower

It is not strange to wind our brains to create an unforgettable babyshower. With these fabulous ideas, make the celebration of your dreams come true.

Decoration ideas for a memorable babyshower

When we are in the sweet expectation of our baby, we want everything to be perfect. That's why it's not surprising that you want to make a spectacular babyshower, and to achieve it take into account these ideas:

Decorated marshmallows

In every party always need the sandwiches to share with your guests. The marshmallows are a delicious option because they are very easy to prepare. You only need a bag of marshmallows, colored dragees, white chocolate to melt and decorated wooden sticks.

Take the wooden chopsticks and prick each marshmallow. Once this step is ready, you can begin to melt the chocolate in a bain-marie.

Then take each marshmallow, and with the help of a spoon, cover it with a little chocolate and sprinkle colored chips. Wait for them to dry and they will be ready to eat.

Very original invitations

Being a babyshower, it would be nice to make invitations in the shape of a diaper. You only need colored cards, scissors, a perforator and a decorative ribbon.

For the envelope, download or make a template with the shape of the diaper open, and draw it on the card. With the piercer, make holes in the ends of the diaper, and then fold the envelope.

With the help of the decorative ribbon, hold the diaper ending with a beautiful bow. Now we only need to make the internal card, and for this you must download or create a template.

Take cardboard of another color, cut it out and fill it with the data of the baby shower. Once ready, proceed to deliver them. Complete this celebration with certain elements for a French party and enjoy!

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