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Make beautiful felt shoes for your baby

When we do not know what to give our baby or another acquaintance, there is an option to do with our own hands, as in the case of these shoes.

Make beautiful felt shoes for your baby

When a newborn arrives at home, we all want to make him feel good, safe and warm. Achieve it by wearing it with these beautiful felt shoes, which besides being very comfortable, will give the baby the warmth he needs for his little feet.

The felt, besides offering a wide range of colors, is a super simple material to work with. So go ahead and make these beautiful felt shoes for your baby, and you will be very proud of the result.

You can combine them with the clothes that the baby has available, as in the case of these beautiful Japanese jeggins.


The first thing you need is a template, you can find different templates to download and print, but if this is not an option ... do not worry. If you have baby shoes, use them as a measure to make the pattern for yourself.

You will also need: felt, scissors, pins, elastic, thread and needle.


To make these cute shoes, you must hold the pattern on the felt with the help of the pins. Cut out the necessary pieces for both shoes.

It's time to start sewing shoes, so take the top piece and pin it on the base of the shoe; on the front the ends of the shoe will coincide one over the other. Start sewing, do it very carefully because the stitches will be visible.

Now, take the elastic and cut 2 pieces of 2.5 cm in length. Then fix with an X 'X' one end of the elastic in front of the shoe.

Do the same with the other end of the elastic and the other side of the shoe. Make sure the Xs are centered in front of the shoe.

You can find more information in VIX