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Build your children's wheeled toy box

A beautiful box with wheels for children to organize their toys. It has a cushion that makes it a bench, functional and practical at the same time.

Build your children's wheeled toy box

Last weekend I made the decision to start a reorganization of my small apartment before the arrival of the new baby. This includes, to the dismay of my little daughters, organizing their beloved toys.

And is that, with a baby on the way and a small apartment, the organization will be key for everything to go 'on wheels'. To make the transition smoother and less painful, I thought that a beautiful box of toys could do the trick.

It may seem a somewhat intimidating project, but if you use assembled wooden boxes, you will have everything ready in less than half a day. And it has a small cushion on top, so in addition to the box it is a practical seat, occupying very little space. You're going to love it!

You will need to:

1 wooden box (like those used for fruit)
4 Wheels with 75 mm swivel base
Plywood (large enough to cover the box)
Polyurethane foam (foam rubber)
Heavy duty fabric
Wood stapler
Screws for wheels
Painting (optional)

Instructions for the box:

If you want your boxes to be of another color, paint them with a couple of layers.
Place a wheel in each corner and fasten it with the screws.
Instructions for the lid:
Cut foam the size of plywood
Cut a piece of cloth with enough size to cover the foam and an extra to staple.
Place the fabric on the floor, on top of the foam and plywood on top of everything.
Fold the fabric and staple the fabric to the plywood.
You can also paint the white box and let the children decorate it with colored crayons.

You can find more information in Thislittlestreet