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Build a sensory bag for your baby (DIY)

Learn to build for yourself, and in less than 5 minutes, a sensory bag to stimulate your baby's curiosity through tactile and visual exploration.

Build a sensory bag for your baby (DIY)

The first years of your baby's life are a time when they explore the world through their senses, still in development. The sensory bags are filled with a liquid in which objects of various shapes and colors float that arouse the baby's interest.

They are perfect for children who are still in their exploration phase, because it allows them to interact safely with the objects inside it, while avoiding to put them in their mouths. And very important, they are very simple to do.

You need

  • Two resealable bags to freeze (Ziploc type).
  • At least 500 ml of hair gel.
  • American adhesive tape (Duct Tape).
  • Small colorful plastic or rubber toys.


  1. Fill the first bag with hair gel. We use bags to freeze because they are much more resistant than conventional ones.
  2. Put the toys inside and close the bag leaving a small open section. Squeeze out all the air, and then completely seal it.
  3. Put everything inside the second bag and use the adhesive tape to reinforce the entire edge. This will prevent leakage.
  4. And that's it!

But DIY sensory bags are very versatile because they allow you to use whatever you have on hand, even those that would normally be far out of baby's reach; like buttons, fresh flowers, several seeds and even beads of colors like we made this homemade kaleidoscope.

You can find more information in messymotherhood