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How to assemble yourself an emergency kit for your baby

You go out with the baby in your car and halfway there, you accidenta. Learn how to assemble a kit for your baby in case these emergencies occur

How to assemble yourself an emergency kit for your baby

As cautious mothers, we do everything possible to have at hand all the essential elements that the baby needs in the event of any eventuality. We always try to control everything related to the baby, but there are situations beyond our reach.

Think for a moment; the car broke down and you have no idea how long you will be there, what do you need to keep your baby as comfortable as possible?

If you can not think of anything other than diapers, then you need help. Pay attention and take note of the items you may need for your baby's emergency kit.

Setting up the emergency kit

  • Objects to distract your baby: Some toys such as cloth rings, and soft books will help you to distract while the unexpected is solved.
  • Everything for changing diapers: Consider everything you need in this regard, for example: wet towels, antipañalitis cream, 3 or 4 additional diapers, etc.
  • Spare clothing: If you want to keep your little one cool and with clean clothes, it is important to have a change of spare clothes. Do not forget the socks, cloth diapers and little shoes.
  • Disinfectant wipes: Important to clean the car seat, a toy or any other object that needs it.
  • Spare clothes for you: Your comfort matters, so you can cool off and change your clothes. Keep a comfortable change of clothes.

Final aspects

Remember that it is not the diaper bag you always leave with, but an emergency kit. Therefore, you should always keep it updated, with appropriate clothing, and reviewing the expiration date of cosmetic products.

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