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Fun refuge for children to play under the table

Children love to hide and live their own adventures in a world made to measure. Help them to dream with this practical tablecloth of games.

Fun refuge for children to play under the table

Lately I've been trying to look at my home with the eyes of a child, and I tell you, it's not easy. Think what it is to measure less than one meter and live a house with roofs of more than three. A challenge!

Maybe that's why children can find fun in places that for us are almost inaccessible; under the bed, in a closet, inside a box and even under a table.

A safe haven for your adventures

So one of my plans was to create a place that felt cozy for its games and adventures, a kind of lair for my little one to relax and, in due course, to bring his friends.

At first I wanted to make a tablecloth for myself, but it was not necessary! I found a beautiful two-color game tablecloth that will be a safe and fun refuge for him. I am also sure that I will use it at your next birthday party.

A tablecloth of games for your children

The tablecloth is handmade with 100% cotton fabric. It can be made to the exact size of your table, so that the tails of the tablecloth are at the right height. There is also a pink version.

It has a large opening, which serves as an access, and seven round windows. The door is kept open using two strips secured by buttons and can be easily closed.

It comes without accessories, but you can add a carpet of pompoms, or some cushions and embroidered stuffed animals to make it a cozy refuge for your little games.

You can find more information in etsy