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Funny wands of ribbons for your children (DIY)

Color is synonymous with fun. Give your children these amazing wands of colored ribbons, ideal to have a great time in an afternoon of games.

Funny wands of ribbons for your children (DIY)

Making our children happy does not have to be an impossible mission; They are not demanding when it comes to fun.

We are the parents who surround them with elaborate toys and technology, which separate them from enjoying the beauty of small details. Beauty that makes you feel free, as you can only achieve with these wands of ribbons.

Surely many girls have dreamed of being fairies, or children want to be sorcerers and owners of magic wands to demonstrate their power. Indulge your children with these wands that are very easy to make.


Matches or lighter.
Ribbons of various colors.
Wooden pegs (come in packs of 10 or 12 units).
Hot glue


Start cutting the tapes of the length you want, and do it in different colors, so that your wands are very happy.
To give them a better finish, I suggest you burn the ends of the ribbons with the help of a match or a lighter, as this will prevent fraying.
Begin to assemble the wands by attaching the colored ribbons to the wooden pegs. Tie them one by one, placing them on one end of the plug.
Take the hot glue and secure each colored ribbon, with a portion in each knot. In this way, you will prevent the tapes from slipping or untying, allowing your children to enjoy their wands as much as possible, letting their imagination fly.
With these wands fun will not wait. But if you want your children to relax, then use the incredible musical projector lamp to sleep.

You can find more information in somewhatsimple