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Make this hanging growth chart for children (DIY)

Nothing better than watching the little ones grow. Build a hanging growth chart so that you always keep a memory of these moments.

Make this hanging growth chart for children (DIY)

Today I will share with you how to make a beautiful growth chart for your children, but not the kind that are fixed on a wall. This table can be hung from anywhere, and believe me, they are all advantages.

Before my daughter was born, I made one and I love how it looks hanging in her room. A friend of mine is waiting for her first baby by the end of the year, and she has asked me to make one. I share a tutorial so you can also learn how to do it.

What you will need

A rectangle of 132 cm x 30 cm of heavy fabric, preferably calico.
Felt point markers.
Two wooden cylinders 1 cm in diameter and 35 cm long.
Seals and their pads to decorate the edge.
Sewing machine, tape measure, thread and scissors.


Fold the edges of the fabric to 1 cm and snap them. Then fold the edges again and cover them 2 centimeters from the edge.
On both small sides of the rectangle fold the ends to create the cover for the wooden cylinders and cóselo. At the end you can add a rope to hang on the top end.
Use the stamps to decorate the edges to your liking. I recommend decorating one of the sides, while the other reserves it for the scale. You can also use stencils and acrylic paint for fabric.
At the top, carefully write the name of the child, if you know him. Carefully iron the entire fabric.
Use the ruler to mark the scale with the markers.

You can find more information in twirlingbetty