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Hanging toys for the car or the baby's cradle

These hanging toys, besides being very easy to make and even simpler to wash, will keep your baby entertained and happy.

Hanging toys for the car or the baby's cradle

My baby behaves very well when I carry him in his safety seat. I leave a few of his toys by hand and he's so calm, that sometimes I forget he's there. But when they all fall down, guess what happens? Drama and crying.

So I decided to make him some toys to hang on the safety seat bar. After finishing them, I let them see how I responded. I did not want to play with the other toys! I tell you how I did it.

For each toy you will need:

Four circles of cotton fabric for the structure:
Two prints of 7 cm in diameter.
Two white cloths of 4 cm in diameter.
Piece of microfiber for shapes
Fusible adhesive fabric.
One-inch Grosgrain tape.
Iron, scissors, thread and needles.


Join the two white circles with a seam 6 mm from the edge. Then use the scissors to cut an opening in one of them, which you will use to flip the set to hide the seam.
Use the iron to stick the fusible fabric to the microfiber, and then cut out the decorative figure you want. Remove the protective paper, and glue it in the center of the white circle.
Sew this set to one of the patterned circles and back sew a piece of Grosgrain ribbon. Above it places (flipped) the other stamped circle.
Sew the edge leaving a small opening where you will flip the set, which will be ready to fill.
Add the snap and you're done!

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