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Hula sensory hoop to entertain your baby

Babies between 6 months and 1 year of age develop their sensory and motor skills. With this hula hoop avoid buying expensive toys for it.

Hula sensory hoop to entertain your baby

When we have a baby, we are always looking for options to sharpen your senses and strengthen your muscles, thus ensuring a healthy development. There are many really simple options, like having a sensory hula hoop at home.

Maybe the name seems very technical, but in reality it is a very easy tool to do. And the benefits for your baby will be enormous, since you will manage to keep it upside down for a long time, lifting its head and strengthening the muscles, preparing it for the crawling stage.

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Materials for the Hula hoop

You only need some materials:

• A hula hoop.
• Pieces of tapes.
• Stamen of colors.
• Pompons.
• Sponges.
• Stuffed toys.
• Bells.
• Pipe cleaner.
• Noodle pool.
• Textured fabric.

Considerations for the elaboration

These materials are mentioned as reference. You should only consider that the more textures and colors hang in your hula hoop, the better.

When creating your sensory hula hoop, stop worrying, since there is no correct way to put it together, but you can guide yourself with these simple steps:

  • Begin by covering your hula hoop with pieces of yarn and yarn of different colors.
  • Now, let your creativity fly with the materials you have at hand. Start knotting ribbons of different textures and colors in some points of your hula hoop, then the pompons, the sponges ... In short, add all the elements you want.
  • And best of all, you can renew it every time you like to keep your baby's attention in the sensory hula hoop.

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