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Baby kit to give in your next baby shower

Nothing better than a baby shower to give a present to the new baby. With this kit allows the new mother and baby to be entertained in the best way.

Baby kit to give in your next baby shower

You have an invitation to a baby shower. And for that reason we recommend you to consider this baby kit with accessories. It is very practical and you can also give it to both girls and boys.

You can complete the gift with this beautiful sensory toy in the shape of a dinosaur. In any case it is a very complete gift that contains the following accessories:

Kit details

Organic belching cloths: These are belching cloths, made of cotton fabric and very absorbent. It's perfect for protecting your clothes when you have your baby on your shoulder, and then belching when fed.

These cloths come in two sizes: the small one with a length of 35 cm and width of 16 cm, while the large one has a length of 49 cm and width of 23.5 cm.
Organic teething ring: This is a ring of natural wood, adorned with soft and striking rabbit ears, made of cotton. The ears are perfect for sucking, pulling and biting for the baby, helping him to stay in shape.
Milk bib: Element inevitable for the moment of feeding your baby, and protect your clothes, made of very absorbent material.

Additional features of the kit

The accessories are free of chemical products or artificial additives. They are safe accessories for the baby. The cloths and bib have the option of adding an extra layer of towel, all to offer greater absorption.

Do not hesitate to purchase this excellent quality kit through Two Little Mice, the place where you can get the best gifts for the baby through Etsy.

You can find more information in etsy