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Musical project lamp for sleeping of Esonstyle

With the Esonstyle dimmed musical lamp, you can make sure your children have hours of restful sleep. With rechargeable lithium battery.
Children at an early age are often very restless, so it is difficult for them to sleep immediately. Fortunately, there are tools designed to help your child fall asleep and enjoy hours of quiet rest.
Get to know this incredible musical projecting lamp for sleeping of Esonstyle, composed of 12 modalities of dim light projected in the form of stars, and carefully selected music for your children to sleep peacefully.
This lamp is ideal for children who are afraid of the dark when sleeping, and you can use it equally for festive occasions, such as Halloween, birthdays, pajama parties and other celebrations.
Musical project lamp for sleeping of Esonstyle
What does this lamp have for sleeping?
You can operate the dim light lamp with the design dome, or take advantage of the light without placing the lid. Use the rotating function of this lamp, and enjoy its fabulous star scene.
You should know that the projector lamp has two modes of charging, either through your computer or through a transformer that connects directly to the power plug; does not need additional batteries.
Fully enjoy this fabulous lamp
Esonstylet has an assortment of products for you, made with the consumer's current needs in mind. Be the owner of your projector lamp through Esonstyle Direct, authorized dealers of this brand, sponsored by Amazon.
Your child needs the nightly rest and through the Esonstyle music projector lamp to sleep you will help you fall asleep quickly and efficiently.