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Make a photo book of the children for yourself

There are portraits and various elements to store the photos of our children. Make this colorful notebook that reflects the joy of children.

Make a photo book of the children for yourself

Prepare a beautiful design to decorate a special part of your children's room, which in turn has a very personal touch. For example, to show pictures of children in their different stages.

It is an interesting proposal to decorate your baby's room, since it consists of a very cheerful and peculiar design, and the materials to make this book are very easy to find.

Materials and Instruments

• Cardboard 12 'x12'.
• 24 gauge wire.
• Can of clean soda.
• Cork sheet.
• Plastic canvas mesh.
• Needle.
• Thread.
• Adhesive.
• Playmat.
• Painting of your preference.
• 2 Nails.
• Scissors.

Preparation of the notebook

Start with the cardboard. Prepare a little watery paint and paint some spots on the cardboard, serving this background.
Take the nails, and place them in the upper half of the cardboard. With the help of the scissors, cut a piece of wire, and entórchalo between the nails.
With the soda can, cut some small flags using the scissors. Fold the flags to give the effect of movement, and proceed to hang them on the wire.
Now take the cork sheet, and with the scissors, cut out a piece the size of a photo frame. Round ends to give a better look.
Cut a piece of the plastic canvas mesh, and with the needle and embroidery thread sews a very cheerful pattern on it.
Arrange all the ornaments, including the small rug, and on top of them place the cork with the rounded edges.
Complement your design with the help of your creativity, add hearts created by you with cables, beautiful words in beautiful lyrics, for giving you some examples.

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