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Make this beautiful blanket with your own hands for the baby

Allow your baby to enjoy the best hours of play and nap thanks to this beautiful blanket, so that he feels comfortable and happy.
You can make your baby's stay more pleasant anywhere in the house with this beautiful blanket, which today I will explain how to do.

You can place this blanket inside this mini baby park instead of adding colored balls. And as for its preparation, you'll see that it's very easy to do.

Preparation of the blanket

Make this beautiful blanket with your own hands for the baby
  • Cut 6x6 inch fabric squares. To make a good-sized blanket, you need at least 66 squares, having a blanket of 11 squares long by 6 squares wide. Cut 66 smaller squares, 4.5x4.5 inches.
  • Take one of the small squares, and place one of the large squares on top. Join the corners of both squares, and fix them with pins and then on the sewing machine.
  • To join the corners, make a fold in the middle of each side of a large square, forming a bubble or bag. Fill and close.
  • With all the bubbles filled, begin to join them together. Take 2 bubbles, place them face to face, and stitch. Form 6 rows of 11 bubbles, and then join the rows together.
  • Once all the bubbles are formed, cut a rectangle in cloth with the same dimensions as the blanket. Cut another strip of fabric that will form the edge washer.
  • Sew the washer around the contour of the blanket. Fix the front liner with front, and leave an opening to flip the blanket. Close the opening, and edge the edges for a better finish

With this you have a blanket for your baby to play comfortably on the floor of the house.

You can find more information in cutediyprojects