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Original rattles for babies made with socks

Baby rattles have never been so fun and easy to do, especially since you can reuse those that have lost their peers.

Original rattles for babies made with socks

Something that all babies need to develop their senses, is a rattle. Many times the fun is found in the least imagined way, achieving in this case with a magnificent rattle made by yourself with socks.

For many of us, the rattles are just colorful pieces that emit sounds that entertain and distract our babies, but their benefits go a little further.

Benefits of rattles

Stimulate the senses, since these rattles activate the baby's senses of hearing, sight and touch.

They favor control and coordination, because the baby when he notices that with the movement of his little legs gets a nice sound, he will do it frequently to have fun.

The best thing is that you can provide all these benefits to your baby without incurring large expenses, making them yourself by using those socks that your partner has lost after the day of washing.

How to make a homemade rattle?

You need: Socks, rattles, felt figures in different sizes and colors, scissors, thread and needles.

They are very simple to do; first take a sock, and trim the part of the ankle. Order some felt figures, of different sizes, and place one on top of the other. Sew up this little tower of felt figures and at the end place a bell.

Remember to reinforce your sewing well, this way you will avoid that some piece is released and an accident happens with your baby.

And so your rattle made with socks will be ready to be placed on the feet of your little one so that he can enjoy the sound just as he would with a lamp with sound.