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Prepare the baby's area with this puzzle

Children are 'sponges', and therefore they are curious. Make your children this puzzle game, which will be useful for many years.

Prepare the baby's area with this puzzle

Decorate the baby's area with this fabulous idea. It is a kind of math game that is known as 'Infinity tiles', that is, infinite tiles.

It's about creating a very cute and colorful design that can be used as a striking object for your baby, or a game for those who are not so small, who will find this game very funny and curious.

The advantage of this 'puzzle' type game is that you can change the pieces of position. No matter how you do it, you will always have a nice design whose pieces will match perfectly.

To make the game

Making this game is very simple, and for this you need:

Download a template with the original design of the page in English (which you can find here)
White cardboard


Print the cardboard with the design you downloaded and color. Try to use only 2 colors.
Glue the template on cardboard and let it dry very well. Then cut out the pieces following the lines of the squares. And with this your children will be ready to start playing.
If you like challenges, you can also create your own Infinity tiles. Draw the base, which is a square, and divide it into 9 squares. Each side of the squares must be divided into 3 equal spaces.
These marks will be the guides to develop your own design. Let your imagination fly and enjoy creating your own Infinity tiles.
Create this design in a greater dimension, elaborating it in a material like Eva rubber, and you will get a striking carpet for the baby's room. You can also entertain the child with the interactive balloon explore your world.

You can find more information in babbledabbledo