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LED star projector, a home sky for children

The ideal gift for your children to live a fairy tale at home, star projector with 360 degrees rotation and 3 modes of light.
Place your children near the stars and the moon, with this LED star projector, a perfect object to decorate a room or another place where you want to simulate a sky full of beautiful stars. A beautiful moon and a few stars will make your children feel completely calm when night falls and they should sleep.
LED star projector, a home sky for children
This decoration device has 4 LED lamps and 3 different modes of light: monochromatic, warm and rotating light (360 degrees). You are the one who chooses which mode of light to use every night, this can be done through the switch included in the star projector.
Your baby can not sleep? A great way to keep him calm and to rest happily in his crib, is to have the star lamp, you can use it with batteries or batteries and through the USB cable. Your baby will be happy to see the galaxy very close as he falls asleep.
How about a romantic evening?
Although the LED star projector is undoubtedly a perfect object for the little ones in the house to live a fairy tale, you can also use it to have a romantic evening and why not? As decoration of a wedding, birthday, Christmas or some other special celebration at night.
The LED star projector is perfect to recreate the galaxy near you, and for a better decoration you can use it in different colors, definitely a way to travel to the stars without leaving home.