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Recipe for sleeping lotion with lavender oil

Does your baby have trouble sleeping? This body lotion, which you can make yourself, is full of naturally relaxing essential oils

Recipe for sleeping lotion with lavender oil

Having babies with trouble sleeping makes every night a challenge. His pediatrician recommended melatonin in an attempt to make the transition to the bed smoother. And it worked, but it did not help her stay asleep for long.

So we desperately search for any solution. We tried relaxing music and even bank noise, but this did little to help her sleep for eight full hours.

And then a friend gave me this recipe with a 'Hey! Just try it. ' And it convinced me. In the time that we have been using this sleeping lotion, my baby has slept all night, the full eight hours! Do you want the recipe? Take note!

You will need to
½ cup of Organic Coconut Oil
5 drops of Lavender Essential Oil
A mixing bowl
A glass bottle to store it
A spatula
Add the coconut oil in a bowl and stir until it has a smooth consistency.
Add the 5 drops of Lavender Essential Oil and use the spatula to mix.
Apply directly on the baby's skin after a bath with warm water as part of the nighttime routine before bedtime.
With lavender oil you can also make this fun antimonstruos spray to reassure your little ones.

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