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Make this bunny-shaped teething ring (DIY)

The first teeth are about to come out and this bunny teether ring is an ecological and safe option for your little one, and you can do it yourself in a few minutes.

Make this bunny-shaped teething ring (DIY)

Although it is something that no one can remember for itself, the release of the first teeth is a stressful and painful experience for most children. These first teeth will appear when the baby is between the fourth and seventh months.

The gums around those first teeth will be sore and during this time babies want to chew hard objects, like teething rings. We could buy a ready made biter, but today I teach you how to make one, natural, effective and totally washable.

You need to do it

A piece of cotton cloth, no matter the fabric.
A piece of towel cloth.
Rings of wood of 7 centimeters or similar size, without varnishing or painting.
Template to cut the printed fabric.
Sewing machine and scissors.


Fold the piece of fabric and using the template cut a piece of cotton fabric and another on the towel cloth. As it is cut to the bend, the piece will have two points now.
Join the two pieces, with the 'good' sides together, and sew them 1/2 centimeter from the edge, leaving an unbonded space of 5 centimeters on one side.
Flip the whole. Close the opening with a seam.
Now take the ring, and hold the fabric over by pinching it in the center.
Take both ends, roll them around the ring and pull them between the ring and the center of the fabric.
Pull both ends carefully to fix the 'ears' of the bunny. You can guide you with the image.
And ready! You will already have a natural and washable biter. What do you expect to do more

You can find more information in makeit-loveit