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Sensory toy in the shape of a baby dinosaur

This toy in the shape of baby dinosaur is designed to stimulate the touch and sight of your baby. You will not want to play with anything else!

Sensory toy in the shape of a baby dinosaur

This type of sensory toys (known commercially as Taggies) were invented by an American mother, after noticing the fascination of her little one by the labels of the clothes.

His idea of ​​sticking color labels to blankets and toys has been a commercial success, and the colorful labels continue to intrigue and stimulate the senses of the little ones.

But you do not have to buy one in the store, because we will learn to make a small sensory toy in the shape of a stegosaurus baby. Soon you will see how much your baby has fun!

You will need to

Printed dinosaur pattern.
2 rectangles of cloth (approximately 30 x 15 cm).
Pieces of tape of various colors.
Filled with polyester (wadding).
Chalk for fabric, thread, needle and scissors.


On the obverse (the good side) of one of the rectangles marks and cuts the green outer silhouette of the pattern.
Distribute the ribbons on the spine and take them using the blue inner silhouette as a guide. Make sure that the fold of the labels is oriented towards the inside of the figure.
On the back of the other piece of cloth (the 'bad' side) marks and cuts the other side of the dinosaur.
Join both sides so that the two sides (the good sides) are in the figure, leaving an area in the belly without sewing.
Use this opening to flip the figure, and then to fill it.
Sew the opening and the toy will be ready for your baby.
You can try adding labels to any other stuffed animals, your baby will love them.

You can find more information in bubblesandbobbins