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Make yourself this simple dinosaur cap

Can you imagine your baby with this dinosaur cap? The photos you will take! Well, you can do it yourself in less than 20 minutes.

Make yourself this simple dinosaur cap

Since I was little I loved dinosaurs. My mother says that at age 4 she already impressed the guests by reciting some very long and complicated names that now, I confess, I would not even know how to read. By the way, a while ago I gave my baby a dinosaur sensory toy.

Halloween is approaching and invitations to costume parties begin to arrive. So I thought about making something simple to disguise my little one.

Whether you're planning a dinosaur themed party for the baby or you just have little ones who like dinosaurs, you'll love how easy it will be to make this personalized hat.

Materials and Instruments

A small and adjustable baseball cap of any color.
Black and white felt.
Gun and glue sticks.


Mark and cut in white felt two eyes of the size you decide. Ours are 5 centimeters high and 3 centimeters wide. Do the same with the three barbs that go on top.
Place the cap on the felt. Mark and cut a 'U' around the edge of the visor, at a distance of 3 centimeters from it. In this 'U' mark and cut the teeth of the dinosaur.
Make two small circles with the black felt, of appropriate size to make iris of the eyes and glue them to the eyes of the first step.
Use the hotmelt glue to fix the eyes to the front of the cap and the three prongs to the top.
Put glue on the bottom edge of the visor and carefully stick the teeth.
And ready!

You can find more information in lalymom