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Wooden swing for babies, fun and easy to make

Kangaroos and carts are not the only option to move and entertain babies. Meet this fun and easy to make wooden swing.

Wooden swing for babies, fun and easy to make

Our little ones love to swing, and as parents we should know that it is not just fun for them.

Babies and young children need activities that benefit them from the point of view of development, and balancing provides excellent stimulation to their brains and bodies.

While they swing, they experience a full range of sensations; from a rhythm that can calm them to the emotion of moving very fast.

Most of the swings for babies and small children on the market are plastic and very expensive. And we both know it, plastic toys do not last at all, much less when exposed to the sun!

Do it yourself, easily and safely

With a little fabric and wood you will have a safe and fun swing in which your baby will want to swing all the time. This type of swing is suitable for babies who are strong enough to sit alone.

In addition, it is very durable, as your children will take advantage of it until their third year of age and will continue as new. When the weather is nice, it is a great option to entertain your small children outdoors, but it will also serve indoors when the weather is not optimal.

And best of all, you have done it yourself! The seat is comfortable and the only thing you will need is to hang it wherever you want. When you are a little older, and if you still like to swing, you can build this beautiful swing in the shape of a watermelon.