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Make yourself this cute wool hat for your baby

If you want your baby to look beautiful and protected from the cold, we will show you how to make this beautiful wool hat. You can do it in the color you like.

Make yourself this cute wool hat for your baby

The beautiful wool hats do not have to be exclusive garments of special occasions like your christening. I will show you how to make these wool hats so that your baby can see it freely.


Copy the pattern; You need 3 basic pieces, the two sides and the back piece. Brush them on the fabric, and add 1/4 inch all over the contour of the pieces as seam allowance.
Take the side pieces and join them right with right. Fix them with pins and sew along the curved side of these pieces.
Open the pieces, and fix the back. The upper seam must remain open for a better finish. A seam passes to join these pieces.
Cut two strips of cloth 25 inches long by 1.5 inches wide.
Take one of these strips, which will be your steering wheel and make a small hem.
Fold the strip in half and attach it to the top center of the hat. Then begin to make the flyers fixing them with pins, until covering the entire contour of the front of the hat. Sew the steering wheel to the hat.
Fold the second strip in half and lengthwise, and attach it to the bottom edge of the cap, keeping in mind that you must bend the ends.
The remaining strip is the neck strap. Test the hat to the baby to adjust the length of the strap.
Add rustic velcro at the end of the strap and inside the hat fixed the velcro soft.
We recommend that you combine the hat with these shoes made of felt

You can find more information in prettyprudent